• whole house repiping
      The Highest Quality Re-pipe Service and Repiping Materials Available! Plumbing issues are progressive problems since they only get worse...
  • water heaters and tankless
    WE WILL HELP YOU FIND THE WATER HEATER THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS! our experts will take on consideration the following...
  • residential services
    Residential Experts Services homeowners can trust! In need of services for your home? Want the best service for the best prices?...
  • commercial services
     Commercial Plumbing When you are looking commercial plumbing solutions in San Francisco, you can rely on Golden State Plumbing  expertise,...

Why Choose Us

We enjoy having a previous conversation with our customers, in order to let them explain on their own words what they think the plumbing issue is. We are not the type of company that intimidates customers in order to make things more complicated. Then we provide the diagnostic that goes along with the issue, that way work can be done faster, cleaner and safer for our customers.

We have 40 years of experience on the field, we have experience on doing plumbing jobs with school, restaurants, residential and commercial needs. Therefor our employees are fully trained to find any problem and solve it. Experience, professionalism, honesty, and the ability to understand what a customer needs, have been the clue to the success of our company in Contra Costa and Alameda area, California.

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