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The Highest Quality Re-pipe Service and Repiping Materials Available!

Plumbing issues are progressive problems since they only get worse with time.  The only real solution is to find them early and eradicate them before they cause serious damage.  Golden State Plumbing offers industry-leading PEX and copper repipes that handle your plumbing problems permanently!

Don’t Let Old Pipes Break Your Bank. Repipe for Half the Cost of a Plumber or Contractor!

If your home was built over 20 years ago (or even 5-10 years in some neighborhoods), you could have damaged, corroded or leaky pipes that could cause increasingly costly problems for you as time goes on. Galvanized metal or low-quality copper pipes deteriorate quickly and polybutelene pipes (referred to by plumbers as “ticking time bombs”) could fail and cost you thousands in water damage.

If you don’t know what’s going on with your pipes, finding out what’s happening costs you absolutely nothing.  At no cost to you, Golden State Plumbing will send a qualified professional to give you an estimate on what is needed.

Golden State Plumbing Repipe Specialists Leads the Industry Because:

  • A shop owner or a senior supervisor runs every job
  • We offer 24 hour live operator service
  • All technicians are highly-trained repiping experts
  • We fully clean every job site and patch all walls
  • Your flooring is covered and fully protected
  • We stand by our work with a 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Most repipes can be completed within one day (inspection and patching are on additional days)

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