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  If you have a recurring clog that is disrupting the flow of your home, contact Golden State Plumbing. Our professional drain cleaning service is a permanent solution to an annoying problem. Unlike with chemical drain cleaners, that can damage your pipes in the long run, professional drain cleaning services remove clogs safely and effectively,…
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Having regular problems and constantly call the plumber? Do you have extensive landscaping? The solution is pipe lining! Our system relines the pipe with a tight fitting liner that bridges gaps, eliminates roots and provides a smooth flowing pipe. Our certified installers can repair your pipe typically within one day with minimal disruption. Residential Lateral…
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Sewer hydrojetting

Our courteous, professional sewer repair and replacement experts can repair & replace any sewer line, no matter how tough the area. We have years of experience and training behind us, and we’re here to help. We use state-of-the-art technology that ensures a minimum amount of disruption to your immediate environment. And, our flexible team can work in…
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sewer video inspections

PLUMBING CAMERA INSPECTION AT EAST BAY, CA Whether you suspect a problem brewing underground or are aware that your plumbing infrastructure has been compromised, Golden State Plumbing can get to the bottom of things without destroying your property in the process. Proudly serving commercial and residential clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have…
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